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Uber can prove its commitment to upholding the mask mandate by denouncing those who believe they shouldn’t have to wear mask.


UberWalk: a “new service” for anti-maskers. If you’re not concerned about others’ safety, you can’t take (or drive) an Uber. But we’ll happily give you directions to walk.


Since public opinion was split on mask mandates, consumers were uncertain if they could trust Uber—or more so its drivers—to keep them protected from COVID-19.


When a brand goes all in on one side of a public controversy, it not only proves its commitment to a stance, but sparks conversation. 

Uber Pitch

Spotlighting Uber’s commitment to safety after COVID lockdowns. 

In late 2020, as COVID restrictions began to loosen across the globe, consumers were still unsure if it was safe to take Ubers again. To ease discomfort, the brand needed a stunt that would prove its commitment to safety protocols.

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