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Absolut cheeky social persona can add spirit to key moments in culture—such as the holidays.


Absolut trolled the Twittersphere by turning people’s tweets into holiday carols. Then had users submit tweets to be carol-ified.


Competition for attention is steep on social. To break through, Absolut needed to connect with users personally and show them that the brand is an active agent in internet culture.


Our target audience uses Twitter like one big group chat where they can personally interact with one another via threads, quote tweets, gifs and react pics. 

Absolut Vodka

Building a personal bond with Twitter users over the holidays. 

Young drinkers* lack an emotional connection to Absolut. Therefore, the brand’s social team needed an activation around the holidays that would foster a bond with them and build Absolut’s cultural cred on social. 

*Our target audience was the legal drinking age to 35.

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