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Graphic Design 🖌

From colors to fonts to flows to hierarchies, I could listen to graphic designers talk for hours about the principles behind what makes things look good. I’m no expert, but—between YouTube tutorials, Instagram design tips and working on a couple rebrands—I can talk shop.

Strategy 🎯

My job is my passion because I get to merge art, science and culture. But that’s boring, so keep reading to see what else I geek out over.

Pop Culture 📱

React pics. TikTok audios. Worldly happening. Twitter’s response to those happenings. If BuzzFeed got ahold of it, I’m already obsessed. Internet culture is what makes me smile at work and in life, so I infuse it into everything I do.

Architecture 🏛

In middle school, I used grid paper to plan Minecraft builds. And as a teen, I recreated my favorite buildings in SketchUp. After one calculus class, I gave up on math, but I’m still obsessed with the way architecture and interior design marry form and function.

Taylor Swift ❤️

Every song is a banger. Every music video breaks the internet. From her storytelling, to how she engages her fans, to the way she flawlessly shifted from country to pop to indie, Blondie is the queen of personal branding. She’s objectively a legend. I don’t make the rules.

Cinematography 🎬

Before I pursued advertising, I wanted to make music video. I love music. I love film. And music videos are the best of both worlds. It’s so interesting to see how artists interpret their lyrics and pack such emotionally charged stories into such short amounts of time.

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