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A design system that highlights the mixing of unique flavors. 

Whether flowing across the page or forming a sphere, the colorful streams represent the unique flavors that consumers can add to their favorite Coca-Cola beverages. 


If a consumer craves one of Freestyle’s exclusive beverage-flavor combinations, they must seek out Freestyle because they can’t get that combination anywhere else.


Building demand for specific Freestyle-exclusive beverages will build demand for Freestyle at large.


  1. In the drive-thru, consumers don’t see the Freestyle machine and thus don’t know that they can add new flavors to their favorite beverages.  

  2. In the drive-thru, the proposition of too many choices overwhelms consumers, causing them to choose a plain beverage or opt out of a beverage entirely.


A New Value Proposition for New Consumption Habits

As a touch-screen dispenser that mixes Coca-Cola beverages with added flavors, Coca-Cola Freestyle has historically touted its 100+ combinations and innovative user-experience. However, most dispensed beverage purchases now occur outside the store in the time-crunched drive-thru. Therefore, Freestyle needed to build its own brand without relying on the in-store experience. 

An on-glass label that spotlights Freestyle’s exclusive flavors.

Consumers love Coca-Cola for its beloved brands, but they seek out Freestyle for its exclusive flavors. Therefore, we shifted the focus of the on-glass motif from the beverage brand to the unique flavor consumers can add.

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