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A brand platform celebrating the humans on both sides of the machines. 

Intel technology makes autonomous driving safer, doctors' diagnoses quicker and remote learning accessible. Do Something Wonderful celebrates the heroes applying Intel’s technology, and the people whose lives are enriched by its impact.

Brand Positioning

The catalyst that moves the world forward. 

Brand Platform

Do Something Wonderful


After over half a century touting performance leadership, Intel began to lose ground to competitors because today's tech decision makers lacked an emotional connection to the brand and viewed it as old-fashioned.


Intel technology is the core power behind the world's most impactful technology. Though it doesn’t create this impact alone, Intel is the catalyst behind technology's impact.


A New Global Brand Platform & Visual Identity

By inventing the microchip, Intel’s founders put the “silicon” in Silicon Valley. But, after fifty years of leadership, the brand was ready to reintroduce itself as a modern tech leader creating not only microchips, but world-changing technology at large.

A design system highlighting the source of technology's impact. 

The square dot in the “i” symbolizes the microchip at the heart of Intel’s products. The way the design sparks off of the square represents how Intel sparks global and personal impact—all from a chip . 

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